Compatible Selni Motor Carbon Brushes CAR79


Alternative Part BNT52X5258 & 52X5258.

Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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1000PA, 103TVR, 1100PA, 1101PA, 633CR, 656T, 73CVR, 802CV, 803CVR, 805TV, 815TVC, 855TVA, 856TVA, 900CA, 900PA, 901CA, 905TVA, 910P, 977VX, 999TDS, B103C1, B113B1, B113B2, B71, B71T, B802AC, B802AT, B850T, B852B, B91T, BA113B, BR1000, BR1000M, BR600M, BR730, BR730M, BR750, BR750M, BR809, BR850, BR850M, BR959, BR959M, BT1098, CA900TV, CVR73, CVR803, F160T, F164T, FB165T, L853CR, L854T, L855, L856, L864TC, L883TR, L884TR, LA1000T, LA1000TP, LA1003T, LA1100, LA1100T, LA8500T, LA851T, LA9000T, LC753, LC755, LC850, LT700, PA1000, PA1100, STV1130, STV1135, STV1150, STV1155, TV805, TVA855, TVA905, TVR103, WDB1000, WDB1001, WDB1200, WDB1201, WM1000ECO, WM1001ECO, WM1001NL, WM1150ECO, WM1151ECO, WM61200, WM700, WM701, WM800ECO, WM801ECO, WM900ECO, WM901ECO, WOPI800E, WS6351, WSA7CTM, WST3921, WT10735E, WT4020, WTC0610K, WTC0611E, WTC0611F, WTC0612A, WTC0701FX, WTC0714F, WTC0715F, WTC0802A, WTC0810K, WTC0811E, WTC0811K, WTC0812A, WTC0814F, WTC0815F, WTC0823K, WTC0823KW, WTC0833E, WTC0911K, WTC0914F, WTC0933K, WTC0933KW, WTC0939F, WTC0951E, WTC0951F, WTC0951K, WTC0952CA, WTC1012A, WTC1013F, WTC1014F, WTC1015F, WTC1015K, WTC1033F, WTC1033K, WTC1033KW, WTC1039F, WTC1051K, WTC1051K (BIO), WTC1061F, WTC1061K, WTC1062CA, WTC1084K, WTC1085CZ, WTC1133F, WTC1139F, WTC1153F, WTC1154CA, WTC1155F, WTC1161K, WTC1181F, WTC1233F, WTC1233K, WTC1251K, WTC1261F, WTC1281F, WTC1283F, WTC1284CA, WTC1284F, WTC1289F, WTC1296F, WTC1298F, WTC1330C, WTC1333F, WTC1381E, WTC1381EV, WTC1381F, WTC1386F, WTC1389F, WTC1396F, WTD1051K, WTD1151E1, WTD1151N, WTD1251K, WTD1251N, WTD1251S, WTL1051S, WTL1261D, WTL1261K, WTL1261N, WTL1261S, WTM0611K, WTM0611S, WTM0711F, WTM0713F, WTM0801F, WTM0811F, WTM0811K, WTM0813F, WTM0911E, WTM0911F, WTM0911K, WTM0911N, WTM0911S, WTM0912K, WTM0912KD/DP, WTM0913F, WTM0915F, WTM0916F, WTM091TF, WTM0931F, WTM0932F, WTM0933F, WTM1021E, WTM1021K, WTM1021N, WTM1021S, WTM1022K, WTM1031F, WTM1032F, WTM1033F, WTM1034F, WTM1035F, WTM1121K, WTM1131F, WTM1131K, WTM1133F, WTM1134F, WTM1135F, BIO100B, BIO70, BIO70B, BIO85B, L855, VV1010T.


31800030 (CDB115-80), 31800007 (CIN100TUK), 31001708 (CKDGO107TXT), 31000980 (CM2086-01), 31001078 (CM2106.5AR), 31000921 (CM2106-01), 31001738 (CM2116-1-47), 31000974 (CM2610-37), 31001217 (CNL085-03S), 31001122 (CNL105-37S), 31002699 (CO0855F-07S), 31003623 (CO086F-07S), 31002700 (CO0955F-07S), 31002701 (CO1055F-07S), 31005452 (CO1061D1-S), 31005460 (CO10651D1-S), 31003624 (CO106DF-07S), 31005453 (CO1071D1-S), 31005466 (CO41062D1-S), 31005458 (CO41072D1-S), 31002688 (COS085D-07S), 31002694 (COS085F-07S), 31002695 (COS095F-07S), 31002689 (COS105D-07S), 31003151 (COS105DF-1-16S), 31003150 (COS105DF-16S), 31003848 (COS105DF-2-16S), 31004675 (COS105DF-L-S), 31002891 (COS105F-1-36S), 31003851 (COS105F-2-36S), 31002756 (COS105F-36S), 31004655 (COS105F-L1-S), 31004047 (COS106D-07S), 31003450 (COS106DF-07S), 31002697 (COS5108F-07S), 31002698 (COS588F-07S), 31800028 (CWB100-37S), 31800033 (CWB110-80), 31800027 (CWB80-37S), 31006474 (GV4107D1-UK), 31001706 (KITCZM1067CKD), 31001707 (KITGO87CKD), 39400020 (SCS420F011), 31800010 (WDCIW100T), 31800009 (WDCIW100TUK).


A147CR6W, A147CR6B, A126QB, A126QS, A1249RLBJ, A1249RLJ ,A126QC, A126QR, A127QW ,A127QB, A127QS, A147QW, A147QB, A147QS, F721QS, F721QW, F721QB, F621QW, F621QS, F621QB, RET721B, RET721C ,WMNSN612W.


31003269 (DYNS 6104DZ-30), 31004328 (DYNS 6105DZ-30), 31003543 (DYNS 7104DZG-30), 31001010 (HN 2805-30), 31001364 (HN 4105-30S), 31001365 (HN 4805-30S), 31001009 (HN2105-30), 31000759 (HNL 6106 -37S), 31001367 (HNL 6106 Z-30), 31001369 (HNL 6106.5-04S), 31001280 (HNL 686-30), 31000757 (HNL 686-37 S), 31000811 (HNL 9116-85S), 31002100 (HNL576-30), 31000697 (HNL6116ZS-SILVER), 31001510 (VHD 106-16S), 31001438 (VHD 610-30), 31003545 (VHDFS 610-30), 31004672 (VHDFS 610-L-30), 31001670 (VHDS 609-30), 31002245 (VHDS 610-16S), 31003029 (VHDS 6104ZD-30), 34397760 (VHDS 6104ZD-30), 31002221 (VHDS510-30), 31002171 (VHDS6103D07S), 31002217 (VHDS610Z-30), 39300092 (VHDS610Z-30), 31003546 (VHFS 510-30), 31003547 (VHFS 608-30), 31004674 (VHFS 608-L-30), 31005047 (VT 710D11-1-S), 31004948 (VTS 608D1-30), 31004947 (VTS 610D1-30), 36186617 (VTS 610D1-30), 31006800 (VTS 710D1-2-30), 31004949 (VTS 710D1-30).


W612F2B, W612F2S ,W612F2W, W712F4B, W712F4S, W712F4W, W712F2B ,W712F2W ,W714F2W, W714F2B, WP1249F2W, W61244F2W, W71249F4W, W71249F2W, W6201W, W7401W, L612W, L712W.



CAR79 - VS26
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