Door Interlock to Fit Servis Washing Machine INT41


This part no longer comes with the white wings you have to remove the wings from the old interlock.

Alternative Part 530001500 & 651016770

Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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ABA8152, APM8512-0, APM8522, ACA8142, APM8521 (991027265), APM8552.


WD1100, WD1100A, WD800, WD800A.


ABA8202, APM8514, APM8702, APM8722, APM8502, APM8521, APM8703, APM8732, APM8512, APM8542, APM8704, APM8513, APM8554, APM8721.


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AWM1000A, AWM1000AE, AWM1100A, AWM1100AE, AWM1100BE, AWM1150A ECO, AWM1200, AWM600A, AWM800, AWM800A, AWM900A, AWM900AE, AWM900BE.

INT41 - VS14
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