Compatible Morphy Richards Sanyo Argos Samsung Vax Vacuum Cleaner Belts PPP141OQ


Original Quality.

Alternative Part 35600744, 73300022, 1912703900.

Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.


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Morphy Richards/Sanyo/Argos/Samsung/Vax

73280, 73281, 73282, 73284, 73285, 73286, 73288, 73290, 73300, 73369, u89-MAF.P, VEU-01, V-027P, V-015, V-015T, V-049, V-049B, V-045, V-045B, V-045S, V-027CC, V-027PT, V-027M, V-027PT, V-027U, V-027Y, CCW-701, CCW-703, SCX100, VZL-101, VCU007, VC9340, VC9390S-8, VC9210-6, VC9210-S, S9210S-5, S9230, S9340, S9340S-6, S9480S-6S.

PPP141OQ - B3
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