Compatible Hotpoint Hinge Bearing DR43


Alternative Part C00118056

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17098E, 17110, 17111, 17112E, 17113X, 17120, 17121E, 17182E, 17184E, 17185E, 17186E, 17187E, 17346X, 37591, 37592E, 37635, 37636E, 37670, 37760, 37761, 37762E, 37762G, 37763X, 37770, 37771, 37772E, 37773X, CDV252, CDV262, CWA252, CWA262, T510VW, T511VW, T512VW, T520VW, T521VW, T522VW, T530VW, T532VW, TR11, TR12, TRE11, TRS11, TU11, TU12, W100FW, W1200, W120FW, W120VW, WD1200.


37521, 37523, 37526E, 37755.

General Electric

37540, DDE5603VWW, DDE5604VWW, WD62PC, WM62PC, WM63PS, WM64PK, WWH6604VWW, WWH7603VWW, WWH7604VWW.


TL61P, TL61PE, TL61X, TL62H, TL62P, TL62T, TL62U, TL62X, TL63PE, TL64PE, TL71P, TL71X, WD61H, WD61N, WD61P, WD61T, WD61U, WD61X, WD62P, WD62X, WD63P, WD64P, WD64S, WD71P, WD71X, WD72P, WM60P, WM60PE, WM61P, WM61PE, WM61X, WM62N, WM62P, WM62PE, WM62X, WM63H, WM63N, WM63P, WM63PE, WM63T, WM63U, WM63X, WM63XE, WM64P, WM64PE, WM64X, WM66P, WM67P, WM68P, WM69P, WM71P, WM71X, WM72P, WM72X, WM73P, WM73X, WM74P, WM75P, WM76P, WM77P, WM79P, WM80P, WM81P, WM82P, WM83P.



DR43 - VS L6.26
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