Electrolux Zanussi Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Set 50269970005


Genuine Part.

Set Of 8 Wheels.

Replaces 50269971003.

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F.2403, F.2603, F.2807, F.G400, F.G500, F40600, F5050VI, F50600, FAV2403, FAV403, FAV4050VI, FAV42300, FAV5050 VI, FAV5050 VI ITA, FAV5050VI, FAV5050VI, FAV5050VI, FAV5051VI, FAV50750VI, FAV602, FAV603, FAV805, FAV806, FAVG300, FAVG310, FAVG320, KDW1.


DW125W, ESF609, ESF610, ESF610, ESF610, ESF610 -BIO, ESF611, ESF611, ESF611, ESF612, ESF614, ESF619, ESF619K, ESF620, ESF620, ESF632, ESF662, ESF662, ESF662, ESF663, ESF663, ESF663, ESF663, ESF672K, ESF673, ESI600B, ESI600W, ESI602B, ESI602W, ESI602X, ESI604B, ESI604W, ESI650B, ESI650K, ESI650W, ESI650X, ESI652B, ESI652W, ESI652X, ESI654B, ESI654K, ESI654W, ESI654X, ESI664A, ESI664B, ESI664B, ESI664K, ESI664K, ESI664W, ESI664W, ESI664X, ESI664X, ESI669B, ESI669K, ESI669W, ESI669X, ESL614, ESL620, ESL624, ESL653, ESL672, ESL672, ESL673, ESL673, ESL679I, ESL692, ESL692.1, ESL693, ESL694, ESL972, LL12B, BDW52, BK200B, BK200W, BK205B, BK205B/W, BK205W, BK280, CDW029, CDW101, DE930, DES959, DH100, DH101, DH150, DI760SS, DW120, DW125W, DW904, DW905, DW906, DW907, DW907AL, DW908AL, DW908W, DW909, DW911, DW914W, DW915, DW917, DW917G, DW919, DW925, DW927, DW929W, DW930, DWS697S, DWS909AL, DWS909W, DWS919, DWS935, DWS939S, DWS939W, DWS949W, ESF611, ESI600B, ESI600W, ESI602B, ESI602W, ESI602X, ESI604B, ESI604W, ESL614, ESL624, F5050VI, FAV42300, ID6745B, KDW1, LV520S, TBDW41, Z2200MS, ZD604B, ZD604W, ZD606B, ZD606W, ZD684B, ZD684W, ZD686B, ZD686W, ZD699ALU, ZDS689EX, ZDS699EX, ZT605, ZT615, ZT617, ZT6810, ZT685.


DE6708, DE930, DES959, DI460B, DI460W, DI660TCR B, DI660TCR W, DI760SS, DTI6726, DTI6759E, DW6614, DW6625, DW6625 - BIO, DW6635, DW6635 - BIO, DW6645, DW6645 - BIO, DW6710, DW6710N, DW6714, DW6714, DW6726, DW674, DW674, DW674, DW676, DW677, DW6814, DW6826, DW6826, DW6826M, DW683, DW6837, DW6837M, DW684, DW684, DW6849, DW685, DW687, DW6926, DW6926M, DW6937, DW695, DW697, DW904, DW905, DW906, DW907, DW907, DW907AL, DW908AL, DW908W, DW909, DW910TCR, DW911, DW914W, DW915, DW915, DW917, DW917G, DW919, DW920TCR, DW925, DW925, DW925, DW927, DW929W, DW930, DWS410, DWS620, DWS6621, DWS6622, DWS6626, DWS6628, DWS663, DWS6674, DWS6704, DWS6706, DWS6726, DWS6737, DWS6749, DWS677, DWS6804, DWS6837, DWS684, DWS684, DWS6849, DWS6849, DWS685, DWS686, DWS686, DWS6907, DWS694, DWS6947, DWS696, DWS697, DWS697S, DWS730, DWS909AL, DWS909W, DWS919, DWS935, DWS939S, DWS939W, DWS949W, ID1622B, ID1622W, ID4016B, ID4016B, ID4016N, ID4016N, ID4016S, ID4016W, ID4016W, ID4016X, ID4016X, ID416B, ID416N, ID416W, ID6244B, ID6244B, ID6244S, ID6244S, ID6244W, ID6244W, ID6244X, ID6244X, ID6245B, ID6245S, ID6245W, ID6245X, ID6294B, ID6294S, ID6294W, ID6294W, ID6294X, ID6345A, ID6345B, ID6345B, ID6345S, ID6345S, ID6345W, ID6345W, ID6345X, ID6345X, ID6745B, ID6745S, ID6745W, ID6745X, ID736B, ID736W, ID9406, ID9406B, ID9406W, IT416, IT416, IT5616, IT566, IT5660, Z1000PL, Z1S, Z2000S, Z2200MS, Z907PL, Z9MS, ZBLACK MS, ZD551I, ZD604B, ZD604B, ZD604W, ZD604W, ZD606B, ZD606B, ZD606W, ZD606W, ZD684B, ZD684W, ZD686B, ZD686W, ZD699ALU, ZD699ALU, ZD751B, ZD751S, ZD751W, ZD851A, ZD851B, ZD851I, ZD851S, ZD851W, ZD852I, ZDM6026N, ZDM6026W, ZDM6026X, ZDM6037B, ZDM6037N, ZDM6037W, ZDM6037X, ZDM6714B, ZDM6714N, ZDM6714W, ZDM6714X, ZDM6814B, ZDM6814N, ZDM6814W, ZDM6814X, ZDM6825S, ZDM6825W, ZDM6825X, ZDM6837, ZDM6837B, ZDM6837N, ZDM6837W, ZDM6837X, ZDM6925N, ZDM6925W, ZDS6070X, ZDS679EX, ZDS689EX, ZDS699EA, ZDS699EB, ZDS699EN, ZDS699EN, ZDS699EX, ZDS699EX, ZDS699EX, ZDS699EX, ZDS699EY, ZDS699EY, ZDW416, ZDW416, ZDW946S, ZG103, ZI602, ZI608, ZI609, ZI796B, ZI796S, ZIDW956, ZOP32W, ZP3416, ZP3416P, ZP3616, ZP3626, ZP3626M, ZP3628, ZP3736, ZP3736M, ZP3796, ZS3726, ZT605, ZT605, ZT615, ZT617, ZT6755I, ZT6810, ZT6810, ZT685, ZTI6050, ZTI6100, ZTI6859, ZTI6865, ZTM6814, ZTM6825, ZW1046, ZW107, ZW107, ZW108, ZW109, ZW1096, ZW1096N, ZW123, ZW123, ZW125, ZW125, ZW1622, ZW1722, ZW3900E, ZW4106, ZW416, ZW416, ZW416, ZW416, ZW416, ZW426, ZW6206, ZW626, ZW626, ZW626, ZW626, ZW626, ZW636, ZW726, ZW726, ZW726DT, ZW736, ZW826, ZW900E, ZW900E, ZWS828, ZWS828.

DST50269971003 - VS25
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