Multi V Belt To Fit Zanussi 1280J6 MAEL

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Alternative Part DST1108786003

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To Fit Models


CAW1010, F1003WB, F1045W, FJ1053, FJ1054W, FJ1093, FJ1094, FJ1094AL, FJ963, FJ964, FJS1025W, FJS1097NW, FJS1197W, FL1082, FL1085, FLA1001W, FLA1002W, FLE1015W, FLE1016W, FLS1084, FLS1183W, FLS1185QAL, FLS1185QW, FLS1186W, FS1055W, IZ10, W1042W, WDA1055W, WDJ1094, WDS1072C, WDS1183W, WDT1085, WJS1197W, F1003W, ZT1012, ZT1014, ZT102, ZT1022, ZT1082, ZWF1010W, ZWF1011W, ZWF1012W, ZWF1020W, ZWF1021W, FJ1033, FJ1040, FJ1094, FJ1094AL, FJ964, FL1030, FL1032, FL1034, FL1081, FL1084, FL1084AL, WDJ1054, WDJ1094, WDT1075, WDT1085, ZT102, FL1030.

POL61 - F1.3 VS
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