Compatible Belling Lower Oven Element 1200W ELE4000


OL: 340 IDW: 235 TC: 53 TL: 48

Alternative Part 180560

Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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Belling Classic

415, 425, 435, 440, 450, 90B, 90CDLMK4, 90CDLMK5, 90CDLMK5A, 90DLMK1, 90DLMK2, 90DLMK4, 90DLMK4A, 90DLRMK5, 90DLRMK5A, 90TW, 90XMK1, 90XMK2, 91DL, EEH450.

Belling Executive

90XRMK4A, 90XRMK5, 90XRMK5A.

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Belling Format

600R, 600R2, 600S, 600SWH, 600T, 600X/XR, 601H, 601X, 602X, 603X.

Belling Formula

90COU, 90ROUMK1, 90ROUMK2, 90XOU, XOU188, XOU288, XOU388, XOU588, XOU589.

ELE4000 - BB02
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