Compatible AEG Electrolux Oven Element 2000W ELE2016


Overall Length 245mm

Internal Diameter Or Width 175mm

Terminal Centres 18mm

Hole Or Stud Centres 50mm

Plate Width 24mm

Plate Length 64mm.

Alternative Part ELE4711

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Competance, 310BW, 310BD, 320FD, 320FW, 321VD, 321VW, 520BD, 520BW, 520EW, 523BW, 523BD, 525BD, 544B, 573VW, 3032BW, 30581BD, 30581BW, 3121BW, 3201BD, 3201BM, 3201BRG, 3201BW, 32081BD, 32081BM, 32081BW, 3108BD, 3108BW, 3050BW, 3200BW, 3040BD, 3040BW, 3200FD, 3208BD, 5208BD, 5210VD, 5210VW, 5231BB, 5231BD, 5231BM, 5231BW, 5238BD, 5238BW, 5311BB, 5311BD, 5311BM, 5311BW, 7658B, 30480BD, 30480BW, 4001F-W, 4033V-EW EURO, 5033V-EW EURO, 5132V-M, 6433V-EW EURO, B 4100-B EURO, B 4100-D EURO, B 4100-EW EURO, B 4100-M EURO, B 4130-B SKAND, B 4130-EW SKAND, B 4130-M SKAND, B 4140-B, B 4140-D, B 4140-EW, B 4140-M, B 6100-B EURO, B 6100-EW EURO, B2100-B, B2100-D, B2100-EW, B2100-M1, B2190-D, B2190-G, B2190-M1, B2190-W, B4100-D, B4100-M2, B4100-W, B4140-D, B4140-M2, B4140-W, B6100-D, B6100-EW, B6100-M2, B81005-A, B81005-M2, B81005-P, B81005-W, B8140-B, B8140-D, B8140-M, B8140-P, B8140-W, B81405-M, B81405-W, C6033V-A EURO, CB4100-A UK, CB81005-A UK, CB8110-A EURO, ES 50-W, 3032B-B, 3032B-B GB, 3032B-D, 3032B-D GB, 3032B-W, 3040B-D GB, 3040B-W GB, 30480B-D GB, 30480B-W GB, 3050B-D GB, 3050B-W GB, 30580B-D GB, 30580B-W GB, 30581B-D, 30581B-D GB, 30581B-W, 30581B-W GB, 3058B-D GB, 3058B-W GB, 305B-D GB, 305B-W GB, 3108B-D GB, 3108B-W GB, 310B-D GB, 310B-W GB, 3120B-D GB, 3120B-W GB, 3121B-D, 3121B-W, 312B-D GB, 312B-W GB, 3180V-W GB, 318V-W GB, 3200B-D GB, 3200B-W GB, 3200F-D GB, 3200F-W GB, 3201B-D, 3201B-M, 3201B-RG, 3201B-W, 3201F-D, 3201F-RG, 3201F-W, 32080B-D GB, 32080B-W GB, 32081B-D, 32081B-M, 32081B-RG, 32081B-W, 3208B-D GB, 3208B-W GB, 320B-D GB, 320B-W GB, 320F-D GB, 320F-W GB, 321V-D GB, 321V-W GB, 5150B-D GB, 5150B-W GB, 51580B-D GB, 51580B-W GB, 5158B-D GB, 5158B-W GB, 515B-D GB, 515B-W GB, 5200B-D GB, 5200B-W GB, 52080B-D GB, 52080B-W GB, 5208B-D GB, 5208B-W GB, 520B-D GB, 520B-W GB, 520C-D GB, 520E-D GB, 520E-W GB/SA, 5210V-D GB, 5210V-W GB, 5211V-D, 5211V-W, 5211V-W GB, 521V-D GB, 521V-W GB, 5230B-D GB, 5230B-W GB, 5231B-B, 5231B-D, 5231B-M, 5231B-W, 52380B-D GB, 52380B-W GB, 52381B-B, 52381B-D, 52381B-M, 52381B-W, 5238B-D GB, 5238B-W GB, 523B-D GB, 523B-W GB, 5248B GB, 524B GB, 5250B-B GB, 50B-D GB, 5250B-W GB, 52580B-B GB, 52580B-D GB, 52580B-W GB, 5258B-B GB, 5258B-D GB, 5258B-W GB, 525B-B GB, 525B-D GB, 525B-W GB, 53080B-B GB, 53080B-D GB, 53080B-W GB, 53081B-D, 53081B-W, 5308B-B GB, 5308B-D GB, 5308B-W GB, 530B-B GB, 530B-D GB, 530B-W GB, 5310B-B GB, 5310B-D GB, 5310B-W GB, 5311B-B, 5311B-D, 5311B-M, 5311B-W, 5330B-M GB, 533B-M GB, 5730V-W GB, 5731V-W, 573V-W GB, 76580B-B GB, 76580B-D GB, 76580B-W GB, 7658B GB, 765B GB, 765E GB, 7660B-B3D GB, 7660B-D3D GB, 7660B-M3D GB, 7660B-W3D GB, 824B GB, ET.520C-W GB/SA, 5400B-D GB, 5400B-W GB, 5401B-B, 5401B-D, 5401B-W, 54081B-B, 54081B-D, 54081B-W, 544B GB, 5858B GB, 99080B-D GB, 99080B-W GB, 9908B GB, 990B GB, 9950B-D3D GB, 9950B-W3D GB.


611251819, 611251822, 611251823, 611251911, 611251912, 611251913, 611251914, 611251944, 611251948, 611410937, 611575842, 611575846, 611575889, 611575890, 611575903, 611575904, 611575909, 611575910, 611575911, 611575912, 611575931, 611575932, 611575967, 611577821, 611577822, 611577901, 611577902, 611577903, 611577904, 611577906, 611577908, 611577913, 611577915, 611577916, 611577920.


FHH 60 - GK2.



ELE2016 - H1.7 VS23
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