Compatible Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Belt 325980


Alternative Part BLT2536, RDB33, PPP102.

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Z610, Z612, Z612E, Z614, Z614A, Z615A, Z616, Z616AE, Z616E, Contour: Z1390, Z1395, Z1400, Z1406N, Z1410, Z1415, Z1420, Z1430, Z1435, Z1450, Z1465, Contour2: Z1500, Z1510, Z1520, Z1402, Z1406, Z1435, Glider: Z1250, Z1251, Z1252, Z1255, Z1256, Z1260, Z1261, Z1270, Z1280, Z1282, Z1285, Z1266.

3259801092 - V1.22
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