Compatible Hoover Junior Vacuum Cleaner Carbon Brushes CBNVC143


To Fit Hoover Junior Vacuum Cleaners.

Size 7   9x6 3 x 16 1mm

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To Fit Models

Hoover Junoir

1334, 1334A, 1346, 1354, 1354A, U1012, U1014, U1016, U1036, U1040, U1046, U1104, U1108, U1118, U1206.

Hoover Starlight


Hoover Turbopower

U1100U1102, U1222, U1284, U1290, U1294, U1296, U1400, U1412, U2194, U2196, U2198, U2332, U2334, U2336, U2406, U2408, U2560, U2562, U2566, U2568, U2570, U2572, U2574, U2602, U2604, U2634, U2636, U2638, U2662, U2716, U2718, U4362, U5078, U5080, U5094, U5096, U5120, U5132, 

CBNVC143 - B1.4
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