Compatible Hotpoint Washing Machine Motor Brushes CBN9022


To Fit FHP Motors.

Alternative Part C00201861 & J00085880.

Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.


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To Fit Models


A1200WD, A1235, A1400SWD, A1400WD, A1436, A2211WH, AMXXL120FR, AVL147, AVXXL105EX, AVXXL120FR, ERF402DNY/1.




WFE2020EU/01, WFF1601/01, WFK2290/01, WFK2400FF/01, WFE2020EU/12, WFF1601FG/01, WFK2290/11, WFK2400FF/11, WFE2020GB/01, WFF1601SN/01, WFK2290/12, WFK2400FF/12, WFE2020GB/11, WFK2200GB/01, WFK2291/01, WFK2400FG/01, WFE2020GB/12, WFK2200GB/11, WFK2291NL/01, WFK2400FG/11, WFE2421EE/01, WFK2200GB/12, WFK2400/01, WFK2400FG/12, WFE2820EU/01, WFK2201GB/01, WFK2400/11, WFK2400NL/01, WFE2820EU/11, WFK2201SN/01, WFK2400/12, WFK2400NL/11, WFE2820EU/12, WFK2280GB/01, WFK2400AU/01, WFK2400NL/12, WFE2821EU/01, WFK2281SN/01, WFK2400AU/12, WFK2400SK/01, WFK2400SN/01, WFK2430CH/11, WFK2430IE/12, WFK2450EU/12, WFK2400SN/12, WFK2430CH/12, WFK2430NL/01, WFK2451EU/01, WFK2401AU/01, WFK2430DD/01, WFK2430NL/11, WFK2460NL/01, WFK2401FF/01, WFK2430DD/12, WFK2430NL/12, WFK2470NL/01, WFK2401FG/01, WFK2430EE/01, WFK2431/01, WFK2470NL/11, WFK2401SN/01, WFK2430EE/12, WFK2431CH/01, WFK2471EU/01, WFK2430/01, WFK2430FG/01, WFK2431IE/01, WFK247ENL/01, WFK2430/11, WFK2430FG/11, WFK2431NL/01, WFK247PEU/01, WFK2430/12, WFK2430FG/12, WFK2450EU/01, WFK247Z/01, WFK2430CH/01, WFK2430IE/01, WFK2450EU/11, WFK247ZCH/01, WFK2681SN/01, WFK2690SN/12, WFK2800GB/11, WFK280EEU/01, WFK2690/01, WFK2691/01, WFK2800NL/01, WFK2830/01, WFK2690/11, WFK2691FG/01, WFK2800NL/11, WFK2830/11, WFK2690/12, WFK2691NL/01, WFK2800SK/01, WFK2830/12, WFK2690FG/01, WFK2800/01, WFK2800SN/01, WFK2830CH/12, WFK2690FG/12, WFK2800/11, WFK2801/01, WFK2830NL/01, WFK2690NL/01, WFK2800/12, WFK2801FG/01, WFK2830NL/11, WFK2690NL/11, WFK2800FG/01, WFK2801GB/01, WFK2830NL/12, WFK2690NL/12, WFK2800FG/11, WFK2801SN/01, WFK2831/01, WFK2690SN/01, WFK2800GB/01, WFK2801TR/01, WFK2831CH/01, WFK2831NL/01, WFK2870NL/11, WFK287LNL/01, WFK2891AU/01, WFK283D/01, WFK2870NL/12, WFK2891/01, WFK2891NL/01, WFK2870NL/01.


17072E, 17076, 17078, 17079, 17080, 17081, 17083E, 17084E, 17085, 17086, 17087, 17088G, 17096E, 17098E, 17110, 17111, 17112E, 17112G, 17113G, 17113X, 17120, 17121E, 17176, 17182E, 17184E, 17185E, 17186E, 17187E, 17343E, 17345, 17345E, 17346X, 17390E, 47305, 47306, 47308, CWA252, CWA262, W100FW, W1200, W120FW, W120VW, W200FW; W200FW/SC, W200FW/WE, W220VW, W220VW/SC, W220VW/WE, WD1200, WMA10PE, WMA30PE, WMA31PE, WMA32PE, WMA33PE. 


17054E, 17055, 17055E, 17056, 17057E, 17058E; 17059E, 17340E, 17342E.

English Electric

EE100A, EE100WD, EE120A, EE80A.

General Electric

W76PP, W86PP, WD62PC, WM10PM, WM62PC, WM63PS, WM64PK, WRH7505TWW, WWC7602VWW, WWC8602VWW, WWC8802TWW, WWC8806TWW, WWH5502TWW, WWH5506TWW, WWH5508TWW, WWH5602VWW, WWH6504TWW, WWH6508TWW, WWH6602VWW, WWH6604VWW, WWH6709FWW, WWH7502TWW, WWH7503TWW, WWH7504TWW, WWH7506TWW, WWH7508TWW, WWH7602VWW, WWH7603VWW, WWH7604VWW, WWH7709FWW, WWH8502TWW, WWH8504TWW, WWH8505TWW, WWH8506TWW, WWH8508TWW, WWH8602VWW, WWH8709FWW, WWH9709FWW, WWH9809FWW.


6240B, 6240P, BW61B, BW61P, FEW10P, FEW10P/SC, FEW10P/WE, FEW12P, FEW12P/SC, FEW12P/WE, SCR11P, SCR33N, SCR33P, SCR33S, SCR33YS, SCR34N, SCR34P, SCR34S, SCR35N, SCR35P, SCR35S, SCR36N, SCR36P, SCR36S, SCR37N, SCR37P, SCR37S, SCR38N, SCR38P, SCR38S, SCR61N, SCR61P, SCR61S, SCR61YS, SCR62N, SCR62P, SCR62S, SCR63N, SCR63P, SCR63S, WD21P, WD22A, WD22P, WD22W, WD23A, WD23P, WD23W, WD31A, WD31P, WD31W, WD32A, WD32P, WD32W, WD420G, WD420P, WD420T, WD440G, WD440P, WD51A, WD51P, WD51W, WD52P, WD61H, WD61N, WD61P, WD61S, WD61T, WD61U, WD61X, WD62N, WD62P, WD62S, WD62X, WD63N, WD63P, WD63S, WD64N, WD64P, WD64S, WD71N, WD71P, WD71S, WD71X, WD71YS, WD72N, WD72P, WD72S, WDM73A, WF000G, WF000P, WF000T, WF100G, WF100P/SC, WF100P/WE, WF210G, WF210P, WF210T, WF215A, WF220G, WF220P, WF220T, WF225A, WF240P, WF250G, WF310G/SC, WF310G/WE, WF310P/SC, WF310P/WE, WF310T/SC, WF310T/WE, WF320G/SC, WF320G/WE, WF320P/SC, WF320P/WE, WF320T/SC, WF320T/WE, WF325A/SC, WF325A/WE, WF340G/SC, WF340G/WE, WF340P/SC, WF340P/WE, WF430G, WF430P, WF430T, WF440G, WF440P, WF445A, WF530G/SC, WF530G/WE, WF530P/SC, WF530P/WE, WF530T/SC, WF530T/WE, WF540G/SC, WF540G/WE, WF540P/SC, WF540P/WE, WF540T/SC, WF540T/WE, WF545A, WF545A/SC, WF545A/WE, WF720P/SC, WF720P/WE, WF730G/SC, WF730G/WE, WF730P/SC, WF730P/WE, WF740G/SC, WF740G/WE, WF740P/SC, WF740P/WE, WF740T/SC, WF740T/WE, WF745A/SC, WF745A/WE, WM19P, WM20A, WM20P, WM20W, WM21P. WM21W, WM22A, WM22P, WM22W, WM23A, WM23P, WM23W, WM24A, WM24P, WM24W, WM25A, WM25P, WM25W, WM26A, WM26P, WM26W, WM29P, WM31A, WM31P, WM31W, WM32A, WM32P, WM32W, WM34A, WM34P, WM34W, WM35A, WM35P, WM35W, WM36P, WM36W, WM38P, WM51A, WM51P, WM51W, WM52A, WM52P, WM52W, WM53A, WM53P, WM53W, WM54P, WM55P, WM56P, WM60P, WM60PE, WM61N, WM61P, WM61PE, WM61X, WM62N, WM62P, WM62PE, WM62X, WM63H, WM63N, WM63P, WM63PE, WM63S, WM63T, WM63U, WM63X, WM63XE, WM64N, WM64P, WM64PE, WM64X, WM65S, WM66P, WM67P, WM68P, WM69P, WM71N, WM71P, WM71X, WM72N, WM72P, WM72X, WM77P; WM79P; WM80P; WM81P; WM82P; WM83P; WMA10P; WMA11P; WMA12P; WMA13P; WMA20P; WMA30N, WMA30P, WMA30S, WMA31N, WMA31P, WMA31S, WMA32N, WMA32P, WMA32S, WMA33N, WMA33P, WMA33S, WMA33YS, WMA34N, WMA34P, WMA34S, WMA35N, WMA35P, WMA35S, WMA36N, WMA36P, WMA36S, WMA37N, WMA37P, WMA37S, WMA37YS, WMA40N, WMA40P, WMA40S, WMA42N, WMA42P, WMA42S, WMA44N, WMA44P, WMA44S, WMA46N, WMA46P, WMA46S, WMA48N, WMA48P, WMA48S, WMA50N, WMA50P, WMA50S, WMA52N, WMA52P, WMA52S, WMA54N, WMA54P, WMA54S, WMA56N, WMA56P, WMA56S, WMA57P, WMA58N, WMA58P, WMA58S, WMA60N, WMA60P, WMA60S, WMA60YS, WMA61N, WMA61P, WMA61S, WMA61YS, WMA62N, WMA62P, WMA62S, WMA62YS, WMA63N, WMA63P, WMA63S, WMA63YS, WMA64N, WMA64P, WMA64S, WMA66N, WMA66P, WMA66S, WMA74N, WMA74P, WMA74S, WMA76N, WMA76P, WMA76S, WMA9P, WMM39A, WMM53A, WMM59A, WMM65A, WMM75A, WMS38N, WMS38P, WMS38S, WMS39P, WMT01P, WMT02P, WMT03P, WMT05P.




W4280B0GB/01, W4280S0EU/11, W4280W0GB/11, W4380X0GB/01, W4280G0EU/01, W4280W0EU/01, W4380X0EU/01, W4380X0GB/11, W4280G0EU/11, W4280W0EU/12, W4380X0EU/11, W4380X0GB/12, W4280S0EU/01, W4280W0GB/01, W4380X0EU/12.


WH61481GB/01, WM61101GB/01, WM61201GB/01, WM61401GB/01.

CBN9022 - K5.2 VS27
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