Compatible Hoover Purepower Filter Set U6 Type U6 FIL57


Alternative Part HVR09181827 & FLT9265.

Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.


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DM4521, DM4522, DM4522RF, DM4523, DM4523RF, DM4525, DM4526, DM5524, DM5525, DM5525RF, DM5530, DM5530/1.


P3455, U3120, U3125, U3128, U3130, U3134, U3135, U3136, U3137, U3138, U3140, U3141, U3142, U3150, U3153, U3155, U3158, U3160, U3250, U3258, U3268, U3330, U3340, U3350, U3360, U3430, U3440, U3442, U3450, U3456, U3460, U3462, U3464, U3466, U3470, U3470B, U3480, U3485, U3488, U3490, U3490B, U3495, U3520, U3522, U3525, U3560, U3565, U3576, UB3550.

FIL57 - Q1.4
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